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Todo Mac Projecting ooportunity

Good day!

Would like to request an easy projecting variant to improve ToDo.

For example, i would like to make 2 tasks. 

First should be finished at 02/02/14, the second cannot be started right now and you dont know its day of perfomance, but you know that it should be finished in 2 days after you finish the first task. So ToDo will do it itself and give the perfomance date for the second task automatically at 04/02/14.

All is needed that you should add in ToDo the opportunity to connect two tasks.

Is it possible?


some addition.

If the first task is finished at 03/02/14 the second task will get the finishing date 05/02/14

When you create the second task - you connect it with the first one by adding option +2 days oafter finishing the 1st one


This sounds like a good idea. We would like to leave this open for voting. Generally items with the most votes are items we try to implement.


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