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[All] Shortcut button at top for "Today" (or Go To Today)

Having the amount of tasks I have (and I keep the ones I'm still looking to do as prior dates), I'd love a one button click straight to today's tasks.

Scrolling down each time I've left that section, it's just another opp. to save time by having that ability at my fingertips.



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In addition, the inability to click on a New Task button and have the entire range of new task options listed (as we have once we double click on a task) is illogical. The fact we have to type a finite amount of info in the 'new task line', then click enter, then re-open it to make any adjustments- it's too much. And no ability to simply edit the text in the list of tasks by clicking on that one task and amending- as opposed to only the option to double click for additional detail editing. It feels non user-friendly on all those levels.

Apologies if this is way too much info everyone!     


Are you referring to Todo Cloud Web?


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