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[Todo Cloud Web] On Cloud version, size/shape of task when opened cannot be changed

 Every time I open a task, or create a new one, I ask myself why the task format is so long and narrow, and can't simply be wider, - more of a landscape style. or at least with my having the ability to drag the shape wider..

I simply find the current format implies the subject of the task should be very concise to fit the space I'm typing into.

One can open up the notes section below, but really that's more like the size I want the task to open up into originally.

It's non user-friendly as is.

Thank you.


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This is by design. Task headings are designed to be short and concise thus giving you the ability to view multiple tasks at one time without having to do a lot of scrolling. While it may make sense to have a larger area when accessing Todo Cloud Web due to the extra real estate, this extra real estate is not available on iOS devices.


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