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[All] Ability to select multiple people when filtering task assignment.

If you share lists with other users to working on tasks, a multiple selection of filter criteria is needed.

user story:

As user I want to set the filter for tasks which assigned to me AND which are Unassigned to arrange my open tasks and to assign unassigned tasks to me to work on it.

Main issue on this:

I do not want to see tasks which are already assigned to other users.

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I've been using ToDo for a while as a single user, but I've now encouraged my business partner to join, so we are sharing lists. 

I also want to be able to see tasks that are assigned to me AND unassigned. I don't want to be distracted by tasks assigned to my business partner unless I'm specifically looking for them.

I really need this in the Mac app, but it would also be good in the iOS app too.

Yes please! :-)

Just logged in to mention the exact same thing. Really hope they can change it. Need to be able to view both unassigned tasks and tasks assigned to myself. Currently there is no way to filter out tasks assigned to other users without also filtering out unassigned tasks. 

Please add this functionality. 

My staff have Todo, it would be good to be able to assign tasks to staff without them seeing what else is on the project.


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