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Location Alert is Inadequate

First, thank you once again for such an amazing app!!! The Todo Cloud app for iPads and my iPhone has a new Dashboard that surpasses all others. I hope to see the Mac version adopt the same look. 

My issue and suggestion is when creating a task, in the task details, the option "No Location Alert" when toggled, allows the user to see their current location. This feature is invaluable when I was using Toodledo which was a strong feature users were in need of based on driving into the radius pre-defined in settings (e.g., 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, and 100). 

When the "No Location Alerts is selected to set a location alert, you have two options: select an address from your  Contacts or Drop a Pin on a Google Map. However, this is where the issue lies. Only the street address associated with the Drop Pin location is displayed (e.g., 2462 South 4929 W., Heber, Utah). When the user selects "Done,"the a street address is saved within the details of the task currently being created.

The street address means very little to the user considering you can easily forget what the street address represented or was associated with...what store in the mall had the pants I want...which field do I drop the kids off for soccer practice?...were was the Executive luncheon schedule?

If the CEO of your Company asked where's the Executive Luncheon being held today, you would have to reply: 2462 South 4929 W., Heber, Utah

The CEO asks, "What's their...what's the name of the restaurant? You'll leave a great impression telling the CEO, please wait while I Google the address and try to locate the Restaurant. Not Good!

What if the task location showed this: Olive Garden

or you have the Option in Settings to display both Title and Street Address:

Olive Garden, 2462 South 4929 W., Heber, Utah

The Solution: After Dropping a Pin on the Google Map, what if there was a window with three fields: Location Name (e.g., Walmart, Lowe's, HomeDepot, Olive Garden, etc.), Street Address (2462 South 4929 W., Heber, Utah, set by the Dropped Pin) and the third field would be Comments (e.g., their house will have a blue car, a huge white trailer on the left side, and a broken mailbox near the driveway).

Next Step: People are creatures of habit; we return to the same places time and time again.  Create a database to save these three fields where the user can add Locations in one of two methods: 

  1. in Settings, add a "Locations List Manager" feature which allows you to create a new location, delete a location or edit an existing location using the three fields as your template: Location Name, Street Address, and Comments.
  2. When creating a task and the user selects "No Location Alerts,"the user will have three options: Choose a Location from the Location List Manager, Choose a Location using Contacts, or Choose a Location using Google Maps and Drop Pins.

Having the Location Alerts feature is critical which is why I have had to use Toodledo over the past several years. I written many emails and forum posts with suggestions to Appigo regarding ToDo with hope of dropping Toodledo completely. So over the years, I have owned ToDo from Appigo to monitor releases/changes over the years for my iPad, iPhone, iMac and Mac Book Pro. However, over the years I have had to use Toodledo and Things to meet my needs until the release of Todo Cloud and ToDo 7. T

he most polished dashboard I have ever seen, user interface is simple but the functionality is extremely powerful as the user drills down. You kept it simple and clean for those who need simple and clean or they WILL NOT use the app. Literally, the simplicity is a click of the plus symbol, type the name of a task and press the enter key. Done! It's very clear and obvious which keeps those who need simplicity to keep from becoming overwhelmed . If it looks complicated or becomes confusing, you loose them and the many friends (pyramid effect) which they may have brought to you by word of mouth. Then for those who want full control, to feel the power, to manipulate  and filter until we have a system and design personalized for our own organizational skills/ have hit the mark!!!!!

Thank you! This app is incredible. Please keep listening to your users and your success will continue to grow. I have deleted Toodledo and Things now solely focused on ToDo Cloud. Thank you!

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